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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALITHA! - tasabian [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TALITHA! [Aug. 4th, 2007|10:08 pm]
You are an awesome LJ friend! Because I so enjoyed your recent music post, I have made one of my own to celebrate your birthday. The theme is Clex! Anyone who's interested, feel free to download :)

After Talitha uses a song for a vid, she OWNS that song. Whether it's a song I've never heard before ("Clear the area") or a song I've heard a thousand times ("Because the Night"), she re-invents the song. Now, I often listen to songs & think....what kind of vid would Talitha make for this?

Even though I've got no talent as a vidder, I listen to these songs with images of Lex and Clark spooling through my head.

(1) "Handsome Devil" by The Smiths. Always evokes that scene in "Hourglass", with Clark, Lex and phallic bottles.

"When we're in your scholarly room,
Who will swallow whom?"


(2) "My Best Friend" by Jellyfish. Very homoerotic (& funny!)

"My hand's a five leaf clover,
It's Palm Sunday over and over.
I never had the luck of swingers
so I was wrapped around your finger..."


(3)"Wherewithal" by Clifford T. Ward. Gorgeous pop obscurity from 1971. Reminiscent of the romance of early Clex:

"If I hadn't inhibition enough to cope with,
now you come along, beautiful, and leave me hoping.
If it wasn't complicated enough to start with,
now you're making this feeling so hard to part with..."


(4) "Use me" by Bill Withers. Sex, betrayal, a killer organ riff and the best soul voice of the '70's. Reminds me of a million Sugar!Daddy Lex and RentBoy Clark fics:

"I want to spread the news
that if it feels this good being used
You just keep on using me....until you use me up."


(5) "The Edge of Heaven" by Wham. I was never a Wham fan as a kid (too much of a music snob) except for this song which is just too sexy to resist and perfect for rough!Clex action!:

"I would strap you up - don't worry, baby
You know I wouldn't hurt you unless you wanted me to!
It's too late to stop, only heaven save me
Daddy says the devil looks a lot like you...."


(6) "I'm on standby" by Granddaddy. More of a solo!Clark song:

"I've gotten good at saying "I gotta go"
Number one at saying "I don't know"
But from the stories that I've heard
You humans require more words..."


(7) "Can't stand me now" by the Libertines. The angsty relationship between Pete 'n Carl is a perfect lyrical mirror for Clark and Lex:

"An ending fitting for the start,
You twist and tore our love apart..."


(8)And finally for pure Clexy romance: "Into your arms" by Erasure:

"Walls come tumbling down
We'll be forever calm
And you'll be here in my arms
I'll keep you away from harm..."


Happy Birthday, Talitha!

[User Picture]From: bagheera_san
2007-08-05 07:17 am (UTC)
Thanks! I depend entirely on LJ to find new artists and songs (or old ones!) so I downloaded.
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2007-08-05 04:02 pm (UTC)
You're welcome! Hope you find a couple of songs you like.
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[User Picture]From: talitha78
2007-08-05 03:37 pm (UTC)
Woohoo! Thanks for all of these songs (and the lovely birthday wishes). This is great. Maybe I'll get inspired.

*big hugs*
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[User Picture]From: tasabian
2007-08-05 04:01 pm (UTC)
*hugs back* Hope your birthday was marvelous!
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