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Smallville: What I noticed about Crossfire [Nov. 4th, 2009|08:37 pm]
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I think there's a SERIOUS conspiracy going on here, for reals! (Spoilers for "Crossfire" and "Kandor" inside.)

In this scene, Clark is about to be handed a microphone and I went: "Whoa! Unexpected Oliver!" It's not actually Oliver but he looks remarkably similar...

Not!Oliver calls Clark "Big Boy"and leers at him.

And then does this, which is somehow weird and phallic. Hand at crotch-level, why?

So...one Oliver lookalike isn't a conspiracy, but look who's coming up next week in "Kandor". This is Jor-El? We've seen Clark's daddy and he was not a rangy, spiky-haired blond.

I think this is an older Oliver from the future who has come back in time to mess with Clark's head, I really do.

Argh! That's Clark's dildo and Lex's purple testicle thingy. Stop playing with precious Clex artifacts, time-traveling Oliver!

Soon every SV role that's not Clark will be filled by Oliver. "I'm all around you, Clark. You can't escape me. "

Oh, and "Crossfire" also had Tess killing this bald guy to prove she is more bad-ass than he was. I am suspicious of that symbolism!

We are not amused.

'caps by kryptonsite & smallville PH.

[User Picture]From: tasabian
2009-11-05 04:24 am (UTC)
I've been know to say a few things during the episodes myself. Like yelling, "Are you f**king kidding me?!" when Fake!Lex showed up in Echo. :)
Oh, yeah. I hollered at that too. Or possibly growled.

I think my loudest SV yell was Lex going back to save Clark in Nemesis: "YES", followed by happy babbling. They still love each other!

And I'll bet poor Justin is embarrassed by it. Remember how he would always make a point to be gracious when AlMiles gushed over him, and try to turn the conversation away from himself?
Not to mention how many times the poor man is maneuvered out of his shirt - JH's lot in life seems to be half-naked and oiled!

I'm sure I'd be like a deer in the headlights!
I was thus when I met Michael so I know it'd be the same with Tom!
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