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Smallville: Kandor Review

Spoilers inside.

I loved it. Not because it was a great episode, but because I love camp and this is the campiest SV has been since the lamented departure of Uncle Zor-El. Highlights:

- Exteriors! Lots of lovely exteriors.

- Tonight's Jor-El was empathetic and ethical to a fault, ie nothing like the Jor-El portrayed in S1 - 7. He also looks exactly like Oliver and JS even has similar body language to JH. Regrettably, no one comments on this.

- Callum Blue has found his acting groove and embraced the ham completely! I could not be more pleased. Last week, Zod punctuated a remark by poking Tess in the butt; this week, he suddenly pokes a Kandorian doctor (with a very Canadian accent.) I think unexpected poking is an excellent character motif.
- This may be the highpoint of Chloe's expository career as she gets to provide Jor-El with both a history of Krypton and a complete biography of his son.

- Jor-El makes reference to his "Relic" visit, but omits the LanaAuntShagging.

- Oliver hits on Clark shamelessly throughout this episode. Stop it, you blond tramp! Lex and I are getting so mad...

- Chloe has put cameras all over Clark's house. Lex and I approve. Let's see some Clark-in-undies footage, please.

- When Clark arrives at the barn and finds Jor-El gone, Tom delivers perhaps the funniest line in SV history: "Why would my father leave? Who ELSE does he know in Smallville?" No, it's not remotely played for laughs but I had hiccups for ten minutes, trust me.

- Jor-El has the worst poker face in history. Just by staring at him, Zod is able to deduce the following: he's frightened for someone, he's protecting someone, who would you protect?, Family!, "We led lives back on Krypton...", "YOU HAVE A SON ON EARTH!" It plays out exactly like a scene between Lassie and Timmy.

- The dildo/ball scene is filmed lovingly from three angles.

- Jor-El staggers back to the farm, just long enough to collapse in Clark's lap and die. He asks Clark to "save Zod." We get like a split second of manly tears from Tom, then the camera shoots back fifty feet to watch them from a tactful distance.

- Oliver uses this tragic death to hit on Clark again. STOP IT!!!!

- Chloe tells Clark that Zod is out & about on earth. A few minutes later, Clark very seriously says he has to find out who killed his father. WHO COULD IT POSSIBLY BE? Should we start compiling a short list of suspects?.

- Clark delivers a monologue to Jor-El's grave, promising to find his killer, but not promising to be nice to Zod. (And the dots between father's killer and Zod? Still not connected.) Hilariously, while Clark is saying all this, Zod is standing in plain view 30 feet away, staring at him. He's not even hiding behind a tree or anything, nope. Clark, if you would just turn your head a little to the left? See the intense, stalkerish guy trespassing on your property? No?)

The only part of the episode I didn't like? Clark choking & pushing Tess. Not cool & not in character.

But otherwise....A+++ for the laughs and the poking. (And Tom looks unbelievably hot in a very snug t-shirt.)
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